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Ivan Marquez & Jason Mattick

Broken Spanish

Celebrated chef, owner and founder of the ever-popular Broken Spanish, Ray Garcia collaborates with his talented chef de cuisine, Jason Mattick and creative pastry chef, Ivan Marquez in the crafting of remarkably unique menu offerings inspired by the richness of Latin heritage and the vibrant cultural diversity of Los Angeles. Twice a week, this trio of noted chefs venture out to local farmer's markets to source the most sustainable farm fresh produce and provisions. On one early Saturday morning trek to the famed Santa Monica Farmer's Market, these chefs discovered ENZO estate-grown organic extra virgin olive oil, which is now a favored choice to use as a finish for both sweet and savory dishes.

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Chris Shackleford of Trelio Chris Shackleford of Trelio Chris Shackleford of Trelio

Chris Shackelford


In the midst of California's San Joaquin Valley, accomplished chef and sommelier Chris Shackelford of Trelio Restaurant, artfully creates cuisine featuring fresh and flavorful produce and provisions from local farmers, like ENZO estate-grown Organic Olive Oil. Chef Chris Shackelford is well known for crafting a daily menu celebrating seasonal specialties that are both familiar and unique to the prized agricultural region.

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Tyler Florence

Wayfare Tavern

Tyler Florence – a celebrated chef, accomplished entrepreneur and successful restauranteur knows that premium ingredients, like ENZO estate-grown organic extra virgin olive oil, are the difference makers between ordinary dishes and extraordinary culinary creations.

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Amelia & Jeff Bennett


Ampersand Ice Cream produces handcrafted, small batch ice cream in the heart of Central California. Inspired by their love of food and people, Amelia & Jeff Bennett opened Ampersand with the goal of building a tasty community with the perfect scoop. Ampersand's unique and creative recipes showcase locally sourced ingredients and often highlight talented makers around the San Joaquin Valley.

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Angela and Nick Marziliano


From the San Joaquin Valley and beyond, customers have come to know Sam's Italian Deli & Market as their door to Italy's finest delicacies. Handcrafted Italian sausage and sandwiches, Matriarch-Angela's fresh baked focaccia bread and lasagna, shelves stocked full of Italian specialty groceries, an incredible selection of domestic and imported wine plus a deli case laden with artisanal cheese, salumi and housemade antipasti are just some of the many favorites.

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Jimmy Pardini

The Annex Kitchen

The Annex Kitchen is an Italian-inspired restaurant influenced by the seasonal offerings of farmers throughout Central California. The cuisine seeks to reflect the rustic, ingredient focused cooking of regional Italy. The menu revolves around housemade pastas, grilled meats and vegetables from a wood burning hearth and pizzas baked in a wood burning Acunto oven.

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