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Variety Description CHIPS BUNDLE 1/2 BIN BIN 1/2 CORD CORD
Almond Almond Round 13", 16", 18", 21"  $9.99 $7.99 $40.00 $65.00 $140.00 $245.00
 Almond Almond Split 13", 16", 18", 21"  $9.99 $8.99 $45.00 $70.00 $150.00 $265.00
Fruit Fruit Round  $9.99 $7.99

NOTE - Inventory is subject to availability! The ENZO'S TABLE staff works diligently to accommodate all orders and maintain a full inventory. However, all wood is sold on a first-come, first-served basis. During peak burn months, inventory can run low and deliveries are frequently scheduled out one to two weeks depending on the number of orders being filled. Wood is considered seasoned after 6-12 months.

Step 1. Choose your variety

• Bundles of all varieties are pre-wrapped with 16” logs
• Almond will burn the slowest and hottest
• Apple is used frequently for cooking and smoking

Step 2. Choose your length

The actual length of logs may vary

Step 3. Choose your quantity

• ½ cord = 2 ½ bins
• 1 cord = 5 bins
• 1 bundle = approximately 6-8 logs


Once customers have paid for their order in full, they have a 10-day period from time of purchase to pick-up their complete order. They must show their receipt at the store counter before returning to the wood lot for further pick-up. Due to the high demand, wood cannot be held without payment.



• The minimum order for a delivery is ½ cord, and the maximum per delivery charge is 2 cords.
• Delivery charges are based on distance and drive time – please call for an estimate.
• Please note that all delivery times are subject to road conditions, traffic, navigation, and mechanical issues. Therefore, delivery times are not guaranteed and are subject to the aforementioned conditions.

**All wood and deliveries are taxable by law